Trauma: The Current State of Affairs

coach mental health trauma trauma coach trauma coaching Aug 02, 2022

Things have been tough. We can keep perspective.

There seems to be some degree of consensus that things have been a little rocky in the world as of late. Political unrest, the ripple effects of COVID-19, and some of the consequences of climate change are a few of the current challenges we face. Stressors that are outside of our control have truly affected our collective mental health, which has put a lot of pressure on the mental health care system. The demand for help far outweighs capacity. And people are having a hard time.

The ways in which people respond to trauma can vary significantly. We are all unique, after all.

Some people will struggle more than others during times of stress. All all too often, the response is related to to current and past experiences. One disturbing trend that probably ties into the state of the world is the increase in teen suicide as is reflected in this article by the World Health Organization (WHO):

Another article published by the WHO in June 2022 ( reported that almost a billion people across the globe struggle with a mental health condition.

Child sexual abuse and bullying (in other words, trauma) are strongly correlated with depression and are 100% preventable.

This study conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) highlighted the influence of COVID-19 on the global prevalence of PTSD following the COVID-19 outbreak –

Of note in the collection of 63 studies from 24 countries included the following:

PTSD overall prevalence: 17.52%

PTSD in patients with COVID-19: 15.45%

PTSD in Health Professionals: 17.23%

Those are really high numbers. They do not include those who were already traumatized by a variety of other experiences, including interpersonal violence, poverty, racial trauma, gender-based trauma, or sexual assault.

And, not to speak the obvious, but we have really been through something profound. We probably won’t fully see the consequences of all that has happened in recent years for decades to come.

The thing is, there is still hope.

We have the ability to not only change the world we live in, but we can also change things for future generations.

I’m going to say something bold here – I think that what is at the root of what ails us on social level often ties back to trauma. The bad news is that many people have endured. The good news is may kinds of trauma are 100% preventable.

Really, many trauma wounds are about connection.

It’s hard to feel connected to other people when we don’t trust them or their intentions.

It’s hard to be kind when we are just trying to get through each day.

It’s hard to have hope when you have experienced unimaginable things.

Healing the wounds of connection by utilizing connection can help re-tie broken bonds and re-establish faith in others.

I like to say that altruism is medicine – in helping others we help ourselves.

So yes, it’s been rough lately. And yes, we can make a change.

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