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About Orenda Coaches

Championing change through the interruption of intergenerational trauma on a global scale.

Our Mission
To increase access to trauma-specific mental health support worldwide.
Our Vision
To interrupt the generational spread of trauma through the expansion of human resources trained to support survivors in an informed way.

Finding bright spots in people while building a compassionate world.

Orenda: A supernatural quality believed by the Iroquois to be present in all people and objects that allows them to affect change on themselves or the world around them.

Our Values

Inspiring Change by Skillfully Supporting Survivors of Trauma on a Global Scale

  • Altruism:  giving is receiving.
  • Social Responsibility: if we can do something, we should do something.
  • Integrity: do the right thing for the right reason.

a holistic Human-First Approach to Addressing Trauma

The goal of this program isn’t to show you how to “save” people or to give you quick “tricks” to use when supporting trauma survivors.

This is a comprehensive, holistic program based on decades of experience in working with survivors of trauma.

Our goal is to help you empower trauma survivors and support them in a professional capacity - all while making a sustainable living.

Meet Athena

The Orenda Project:

Our Story

Athena has been working in social services for over 30 years, with the past 17 being dedicated to trauma and related conditions. She founded Integrative Trauma Treatment Center (ITTC) in 2012, which is an outpatient mental health care clinic that provides care for trauma and dissociative disorders. She provides training and consultation for providers who work with these populations and is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in pursuit of her Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). Athena was the developer and presenter of the Multicultural Trauma Training (MTT) in Kigali, Rwanda, which was a platform for mental health care providers to learn about trauma alongside colleagues from the region.  Her work locally and internationally has illuminated the scarcity of accessible, quality, mental health supports on a global scale. The Orenda Project was founded as an effort to expand global capacity to provide informed-support to survivors of trauma. The term “Orenda” originated with the Iroquois – it is defined as a magical, mystical characteristic unique to each individual that allows us to influence internal or external change in the face of challenge.  

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