Working in a helping profession can be isolating. And tough.

Our Trauma Hub Community is a free community designed to develop concrete skills in working with survivors while cultivating lifelong relationships with those who share your passion for helping. 


Inside the Trauma Hub Community you will receive:

→Access to our Resource Circle 

→Opportunities to interact with other helping professionals

→Self-care resources

→Access to our Book Club

→Access to our Provoking Thought Corner


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"I will rely on the skills, knowledge, and expertise that I have acquired as a member of the student community at Orenda, the unique and unparalleled coaching program created and developed by Athena Phillips. Without Orenda, I would not have been able to make the transition from Professor to Coach. I remain indebted to Athena and to the program for its richness, its depth, its brilliance, and its exhaustive scope."
-Dr. Andrea Bell, Orenda Student, Professor + Exemplary Human