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Orenda Trauma Coach Course Self Study $399

  • All students of The Orenda Project understand and agree to stay within the scope of their training. Students understand that coaching is not a substitute for therapy and that they are responsible for referring clients who would benefit from mental health treatment to a trained mental health treatment provider. Certificate recipients agree not to provide any services that resemble mental health therapy in any way.

  • All students of The Orenda Project understand that their own mental health is a crucial component of providing quality support to survivors of trauma. Any student who is actively struggling with a mental health condition is encouraged to pursue treatment and recognizes they can complete their certification at their own pace. The Orenda Project strongly encourages its’ students to pursue treatment or support that is necessary for their own health and that of their clients.

  • All students of The Orenda Project understand that they are responsible for managing or creating their own businesses and creating their own policies that are complicit with laws of their own state or country of residence in the area of coaching or mental health care.

  • All students of The Orenda Project understand that the content of this course is copyrighted and therefor cannot be reproduced or sold. However, worksheets or exercises provided as part of the training may be used with coaching clients provided they are not sold or reproduced.

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