The Ikigai Challenge: Finding Your Purpose

Feb 02, 2023

The Ikigai Challenge: What's Your Purpose?


We all have something to offer the world. The hard part can be finding what exactly it is that we can share. We might possess unique talents but do not necessarily enjoy them. We might be passionate about something we aren't particularly good at. The process of discovering the exact recipe of strengths, passions, work, and problems that need solving can be a winding road.


We spend a lot of time working, whether it be as a stay-at-home parent or a full-time position somewhere (and sometimes both), having meaningful work can really contribute to our overall health. It's so important. I also recognize it as a luxury. For many, work is just about survival and contemplating its' meaning is not even on the table.


So, I consider myself fortunate to be able to give back and find enrichment through my profession. It didn't happen overnight, though!


In case you are curious about my winding road, this blog post talks a little bit about how I got here:


I'll share the rest of my story by completing the Ikigai Challenge on our Instagram page. Here is the link if you want to join the challenge!


It's helpful to hear how others have uncovered their gifts and utilized them in meaningful ways.


Some examples of how people discover their Ikigai:


-Trauma: Traumatic events often render knowledge unique to a particular kind of experience. Many find purpose in supporting others through similar experiences.


-On accident: Some people discover a passion they may not have known existed until they fell into it on accident.


-Just knowing: Some people just know what they love and what they want to do. There is still a story here in that even if you know what you want, you still must work towards it.


So, what does Ikigai mean?


Ikigai is the Japanese philosophy of identifying your unique purpose in life. The word "Iki" means life and "gai" means worth. Here is an article further describing Ikigai:


Discovering the unique gifts we hold within ourselves often occurs through experience. We might haphazardly fall into work that we love through a series of unplanned events. 

We can also be intentional about our search for finding our purpose, or Ikigai. Here at The Orenda Project, we believe in the power of Finding Purpose as part of the healing journey. It is one of the five tenants that frames the trauma coach certification course.


You can discover more information here:


You may not know what your Ikigai is. That's okay! You are likely aware of your gifts, your interests, what bores you.  There's a starting point for everything.


Begin wherever you are. You'll find your way.




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